Frequently Asked Questions

If the Lucky Stars 50/50 packages are no longer available, how will this affect my mail order being processed?
As a result of the overwhelming success of the Lucky STARS 50/50 Lottery – tickets are no longer available for that lottery. We appreciate your support and to avoid further disappointment, we have processed your ticket order for the STARS Alberta lottery, as requested. Depending on your payment method the following will occur:
  1. Cheque payments – cheques will be deposited and a refund for the Lucky STARS 50/50 portion will be returned to you within 4-6 weeks.

  2. Credit Card Payments – your order has been adjusted and only the STARS Lottery Alberta ticket has been processed.
What are the ticket prices?
1 ticket for $30,
3 tickets for $60,
6 tickets for $100,
18 tickets for $250
How can I purchase tickets?
By phone from anywhere within Alberta – toll free 1-888-880-0992
Or on our website at

In person at:

  1. Lottery Show homes:
    Edmonton – 4209 Veterans Way NW
    Calgary – 28 Cranbrook Lane SE
    Lethbridge – 1005 Atlantic Lookout West
  2. STARS Alberta Bases:
    Calgary: 1441 Aviation Park NE
    Edmonton: International Airport #100, 1519 – 35 Avenue East
    Grande Prairie: 10911 123 Street
  3. Stride Management Corp: 3950 – 12th Street NE Calgary
  4. From January 17 – February 3, 2019 at
    Parkland Mall in Red Deer (mall hours)
    Prairie Mall Shopping Centre in Grande Prairie (mall hours)
What methods of payment can I use?
Cheque, Money Order, VISA and MasterCard. Direct debit available at the Show homes and Base locations. No cash or post-dated cheques accepted.
How long does it take to receive my ticket in the mail?
Please allow 2-3 weeks
How many ticket packages are sold in total?
How many ticket packages are sold in total for the LUCKY STARS 50/50 Lottery?
What is the mailing address to purchase tickets?
PO Box 700 Station M, Calgary AB T2P 4Y3
How many names can be put on a ticket?
Maximum of two names per ticket order. For group orders, it is the responsibility of the group to keep a record of who is involved in the purchase. STARS and Lottery management will not be responsible for any conflict between group purchases.
In the event of a winning ticket stub having more than one name, the prize letter will be sent to the first name on the ticket confirmation stub.
Is there an age restriction on purchasing tickets?
Yes. Ticket purchasers must be 18 years of age or older.
If I am not a resident of Alberta can I still purchase a ticket?
Yes, however you must be in Alberta at time of purchase.
Is my purchase tax deductible / do I get a tax receipt?
No, there is no tax receipt issued as Revenue Canada deems that the purchase of a raffle (Lottery) ticket is not a donation. All lottery winnings are tax free.
Can a ticket be refunded?
Yes. However, if any ticket purchased has been entered in any draw, no refund will be issued after the draw has taken place.
Who is prohibited from purchasing tickets?
Contest rules prohibit the following people from purchasing tickets:

  • Board Members and senior executive of STARS
  • Staff of Stride Management Corp. and Black Fund Development Inc.
  • Immediate family members of all those listed above
What is done with my personal information?
Black Fund Development Inc., Stride Management Corp. and STARS respect your privacy. We do not rent, sell or trade our mailing lists. The personal information collected by the STARS Lottery and LUCKY STARS 50/50 Lottery will be used to process ticket orders, notify winners and send out lottery information and to contact you about future events and programs. You may opt out of our mailing/email lists at any time.
What are the deadline dates and draw dates?
Loyalty draw
Cut-off date is 11:59 p.m. on January 16, 2019
Draw date is February 1, 2019

Early Bird draw
Cut-off date is 11:50 p.m. on February 28, 2019
Draw date is March 15, 2019

Final draws
Cut-off date is 11:50 p.m. on March 21, 2019
Draw date is April 4, 5, 8 & 9, 2019

Cut-off date is 11:50 p.m. on March 21, 2019
Draw date is April 4, 2019

Should all tickets be sold by 11:59 p.m. February 28, 2019, drawing for all remaining prizes will begin on March 14, 2019 with the final top five prizes to be drawn on March 19, 2019; upon approval of Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.
Where will the draws take place?
All manual draws (Loyalty, Early Bird, LUCKY STARS 50/50 and Final) will take place at 3950 12th Street NE, Calgary, AB. with the exception of the top five draws. The top five draws will take place at the STARS Calgary Base at 1441 Aviation Park NE, Calgary, AB. All draws will be done under the supervision of Black Fund Development Inc., Stewart and Associates and Stride Management Corp. Any persons wishing to view any of the draws may do so at the above locations on the draw date(s). Call 403-543-2747 for specific times.
How many prizes can be won?
2,809 total prizes will be awarded.
What is the total retail value of all the prizes?
What are the Grand Prizes?
There are three Grand Prizes worth over $2.6 million:
1 - Furnished Showhome – Edmonton
1 - Furnished Showhome – Calgary
1 - Furnished Showhome – Lethbridge
What is the Loyalty draw prize?
There is one Loyalty draw prizes worth $100,000
What is the Early Bird Prize Package?
The Okanagan Luxury Life Package includes a full-furnished townhome in Kelowna, along with one year-memberships at Predator Ridge Golf Club, Aqua Boat Club and Cedar Creek Estate Winery, plus $30,000 cash.
What are the other 2,804 prizes?
2 vehicles, 5 vacations, 2 helicopter flights, 392 cash prizes, 200 luggage prizes, 250 Campers Village gift cards, 250 Lotto prizes, 210 camera prizes, 290 home & outdoor prizes and 1,203 electronic prizes.
What is the LUCKY STARS 50/50 prize?
It is Alberta’s largest 50/50 ever. Cash value of the LUCKY STARS 50/50 add-on prize will be a minimum payout ($800,000) or 50% of ticket sales, whichever is greater, to a maximum of $2 million.
Do I have to purchase a ticket for the STARS Lottery to purchase a ticket for the LUCKY STARS 50/50 Lottery?
No, you can buy the LUCKY STARS 50/50 tickets without purchasing a ticket for the STARS Lottery.
Does STARS Lottery or LUCKY STARS 50/50 contact prize winners to request payment of any kind to cover taxes, shipping, etc.?
NO, you are not required to pay for shipping or pay to claim a prize. If you do receive a call and are asked to pay, please do the following:

  • Document as much information as possible regarding the call
  • Call the Government of Canada Anti-Fraud Centre at 1.888.495.8501 to report the fraud attempt
How and when will the winners’ names be available?
A full list will be posted on the STARS Lottery website ( within 10 days after the final draw.
How will winners be notified?
All winners will be notified in writing and in some cases by telephone from a STARS representative. If a winner cannot be notified after a period of one year from the draw date, their prize will be donated to a charitable beneficiary approved by Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission.
Are ticket purchasers eligible for all prizes?
Ticket purchasers are eligible for all 2,809 prizes provided they purchase before the applicable draw deadline. After each draw the winning ticket will be returned to the drum and is eligible for all remaining prizes.
Do prizes have to be accepted “as is”?
Prizes must be accepted as awarded. There will be no cash or “in lieu of” option with the exception of the two individual vehicle packages and the five individual vacation packages. Restrictions may apply. Please call us at 403-543-2747 for any questions.
Lottery prizes are tax-free and winners are not obligated to live in the show home.
What is the license Number for the STARS Lottery?
What is the license Number for the LUCKY STARS 50/50 Lottery?
What hours are the Showhomes open?
All show homes open January 17, 2019

Showhome hours:
Mon – Thurs: 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Weekends and Holidays Noon – 5 p.m.;
Closed Fridays

LETHBRIDGE SHOWHOME, 1005 Atlantic Lookout West
Showhome hours:
Mon: – Thurs: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.; Weekends & holidays noon to 5 p.m.;
Closed Fridays

CALGARY SHOWHOME, 28 Cranbrook Lane SE
Showhome hours:
Mon – Thurs: 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Weekends and Holidays: Noon to 5 p.m.;
Closed Fridays
Who is the project manager?
Dean Faithfull, President, Black Fund Development Inc.,
3950 – 12th Street NE, Calgary AB T2E 8H9, 403-543-2747
Who does the operational support for the Lottery?
Stride Management Corp., 3950 – 12th Street NE, Calgary AB T2E 8H9 is responsible for the processing of all ticket requests, issuing and mailing of tickets to ticket purchasers, maintaining the website, supervising the draws and notifying all winners in writing. They also manage the Call Centre at the address above.
Who is the project auditor?
Stewart and Associates, 512 – 40th Avenue NW, Calgary AB T2K OE6
How many years has the STARS Lottery been operating?
The 2019 lottery will be the 26th annual lottery.
What is the net revenue expected if you sell-out?
The projected net for the 2019 Alberta Lottery is $11 million at sell-out.
How will the proceeds from the STARS Lottery be used?
The proceeds from the 2019 STARS Lottery go to STARS to assist with costs in providing air ambulance service from three bases in Alberta.
If I wanted to donate to STARS, or have questions about STARS, where can one call for information?
Call: STARS in Calgary: 403-295-1811
STARS in Edmonton: 780-890-3131
STARS in Grande Prairie: 780-830-7000
Mail: STARS Head Office, 1441 Aviation Park NE, Box 570, Calgary AB T2E 8M7
For information about the calendar campaign, where can one call for information?
Phone: 403-216-1040 or 1-877-778-8288
Mail: STARS Head Office, 1441 Aviation Park NE, Box 570, Calgary AB T2E 8M7
For information about the STARS direct mail program, where can one call for information?
Phone: 1-855-516-4848
Mail: STARS Head Office, 1441 Aviation Park NE, Box 570, Calgary AB T2E 8M7
Who should be contacted for further information about the STARS Lottery?
For further information, contact Dean Faithfull. In Calgary and area, call (403) 543-2747, out of town call 1-888-880-0992


You help keep our helicopters in the air – allowing us to deliver critical care services 24/7 to Albertans in life and death situations.


You help keep our helicopters in the air – allowing us to deliver critical care services 24/7 to Albertans in life and death situations.